Our board

Our board are all senior leaders running travel related B Corps and elected by our members.

Thomas Power

Tom is the founder of Pura Aventura. Pura Aventura has been inspiring active tailor-made travel to Spain, Portugal and Latin America since 1999 with exceptional holidays made beautifully local and certifiably responsible.

Rochelle Turner

Rochelle is the Head of Sustainability at Exodus Adventure Travels and manages the Exodus Travels Foundation. With a background in research, she is interested in understanding why people purchase in the way that they do and in supporting the evidence base for how businesses can benefit through adopting more sustainable and citizen-led practices.

Zina Bencheikh
Board member

Zina is the Managing Director EMEA of Intrepid Travel, Chair of the Association of Tour operator and Adventure specialists and Advisor to social enterprise Women In Travel. Zina is driven by her passion for sustainability and for making the world a fairer and more inclusive place. She is continually advocating for a more responsible travel industry that benefits both the people and places we visit.

Nick Pulley
Board member

Nick founded Selective Asia in 2005 out of a desire to build a company offering that same backpacker energy, and the chance to make genuine connections, to a broader diversity of travellers.

Will Bicknell
Board member

Will is the founder of Felloh following 11 years running a tour operator and 3 in fintech he merged the two worlds to make payments work for the travel industry.