Our manifesto

We came together to create Travel by B Corp with the simple aim of helping UK consumers to travel better by choosing B Corp certified travel businesses.  

At Travel by B Corp, we believe that great experiences go hand in hand with doing the right thing. Sustainable travel is a more exciting, rewarding and enjoyable way to experience the world around us. We also know that consumers can struggle to make the choices we know they want to make in the face of confusion and cynicism. That's where Travel by B Corp comes in.

B Corp is the most rigorous and comprehensive certification of a company’s social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. B Corp certified travel companies have been independently verified as a force for good. Near or far, short break or sabbatical, the positive impact sustainable travel has on the people and places we visit makes for a better experience all round. A customer choosing to travel with a B Corp certified business is a customer choosing to do the right thing.

At the heart of the Travel by B Corp mission is a promise, to our customers, to our members, and to the travel industry.

To our customers, we promise…

  • To take the hard work and doubt out of sustainable choices in travel
  • To be accountable, transparent and honest
  • That our experiences will be better, not compromised
  • To be friendly, welcoming, and not preachy
  • To demonstrate responsible travel

To our members, we recognise…

  • The greater impact of working together
  • That we have already reached a new industry standard
  • That we are not perfect: we are on a continuous journey of self-improvement
  • The need to look at what we are doing, not what others are not  

To the travel industry, we…

  • Are committed to changing the language of sustainability
  • Are the leading voices at the forefront of an urgent mission
  • Are not radical, but we do not accept the status quo
  • Are positive
  • Will be the most recognised, respected collective voice for sustainable and ethical travel